Multi Instrumentalist.

Multiple Instruments.

1:1 Lessons

I teach piano and guitar out of Seattle.

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If you need a player for one of these instruments.



primary inst.

I am primarily a classical pianist, but have also played contemporary classical, blues, and pop. Lately I've been experimenting with jazz and improv.


primary inst.

I am a fluent rock, blues, metal, and pop guitarist. I've recently started to branch out into folk, fingerstyle, and classical.

Electric Bassist

Don't worry, I won't sound like a guitarist trying to play bass. I pride myself in having a little knowledge of how to play.


Mostly a hobbyist, but if you need an amateur cellist for some reason, it can be me. I like to play pop and classical, but also make avant-garde noises.


I sing mostly when I'm frontlining my own music, but I can sing backup and harmonies.